Hai's Ma Po Doufu Paste

Serves 3-4 Person

  • Cooking Steps

Cooking Steps

Preparation ingredients
1 packet of Hai’s Asia Joy Ma Po Doufu Paste
1 box of silken doufu
60g minced beef
1 stick of leek
2 sticks of spring onion
1 tbsp cooking oil
100ml water

Preparation method
Cut doufu into small cubes
Cut leek into small pieces
Cut spring onion into small pieces

Cooking Steps
Add minced meat into heated oil and fry for 1 min
Add leek and fry till fragrant
Add 1 Packet of Hai’s Asia Joy Ma Po Doufu Paste and water to boil
Add in doufu to cook for 1 minute
Garnish with spring onion and it is ready to serve