Established in 1984, Hai’s was first registered and housed in Woodland Industrial Park D. The production facility produced various chili and curry paste, kaya and peanut butter. These products were then sold to the wet market, hawkers and bakery.


The founders saw various opportunities including that of producing bulk packs to meet the needs of food service sector as well as getting Halal certification to include a wider range of customers. Through their perseverance, the business outgrew their current location, and the factory was relocated to Blk 15 of Woodlands Loop where it occupied 3 production units. Hai’s also introduced its flagship chilled instant paste products to the supermarket.


Recognising the need to constantly improve Hai’s set out to disrupt the market by being one of the pioneers in utilising retort process for their sauce and paste. Hai’s was also one of the early adapters to have its factory be certified for both HACCP and ISO22000. With the business outgrowing the current location’s capacity, a Malaysia Plant located in Johor Bahru with a production capacity of 2,500mt per year was setup to meet its business demands. With the new plant and its accreditation, Hai’s set its sights in the overseas market as well as seizing opportunities within the contract manufacturing channels.

2010s to present

Hai's sought to further meet the demands of our growing consumer market. A total of three range were introduced and were well received in the consumer market. Hai's range of products were further recognised by winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2017. With its growing demand both in the food service and consumer market, Hai's purchased 4 additional warehouse spaces at Proxima@Gambas and soon after relocated its HQ in the same premise.