Hai's Laksa Instant Paste

Serves 4-5 Person

  • Cooking Steps

Cooking Steps

Preparation ingredients
1 packet of Hai's Instant Laksa Paste
200ml of coconut milk
8 pcs of dried beancurd puff
800ml water
Thick rice vermicelli (as desired)
1 fish cake
4 boiled eggs
8 pcs of prawns
Bean Sprouts (as desired)

Preparation method
Cut fish cake into slices
Peel the eggs
Cut beancurd puffs into cubes
deshell the prawns

Cooking Steps
Add Hai's Instant Laksa Paste into 800 ml of boiling water.
Add in coconut milk and dried beancurd puff.
Simmer over low heat for 10 mins.
Blanch thick rice vermicelli and bean sprouts.
Blanch prawn until cooked.