Hai's Asia Joy White bee Hoon Paste

Serves 3 - 4 person

  • Preparation


Preparation Ingredients:
1 packet of Asia Joy White Bee Hoon Paste, 100g vermicelli (rinsed), 4 pcs of prawn (deshelled), 1 pc squid (cut into rings), 12 pcs of clam, 1 egg (beaten), 50g choy sum, 1 tbsp cooking oil, 1 tbsp garlic, 500ml water

Preparation Method:
Stir-fry garlic in 1 tbsp of oil till fragrant. Add in beaten egg to fry. Add in water and Asia Joy White Bee Hoon Paste and bring to boil. Add in vermicelli and cook for 2 mins. Add in the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 3 mins and it is ready to serve.