Hai's Asia Joy Sweet and Sour Meat

Serves 3 - 4 person

  • Preparation


Preparation Ingredients:
1 Packet of Asia Joy Sweet and Sour Meat Paste, 200g chicken meat (marinate with salt, sugar and pepper for 15 mins), 30g red onion, 25g green & red capsicum each, 30g cucumber, 30g pineapple (cut all of the above into bite sized pieces), 1 tbsp cooking oil, 60ml water, 1 beaten egg (egg white only), corn starch as desired.

Preparation Method:
Coat the marinated chicken meat with beaten egg white and corn starch. Deep fry chicken meat in cooking oil till golden brown and set aside for use later. Add onion into cooking oil and fry till fragrant. Add in capsicum, cucumber and pineapple to fry. Add in Asia Joy Sweet and Sour Meat Paste and water and mix evenly before adding in the fried chicken. Mix well and it is ready to serve.