Hai's Asia Joy Mala Hotpot Paste

Serves 3 - 4 person

  • Preparation


Preparation Ingredients:
1 packet of Asia Joy Mala Hot Pot Paste, 1 tbsp cooking oil, 30g white onion, 60g chicken meat, cabbage, carrot and bamboo shoot 30g each, potato and broccoli 60g each, (cut all the ingredients into slices, approx. weight is 300-350g, meat and vegetables can be changed as desired)

Preparation Method:
Blanch potato, carrot, bamboo shoot and broccoli in hot water and set aside for later use. Add onion in cooking oil to fry, add in chicken meat and fry till fragrant. Add in vegetable and Asia Joy Mala Hot Pot Paste to fry and it is ready to serve.